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Landscape photography tips, inspiration, real-life stories from some of the world’s best landscape photographers.

Storm in Canadian Rockies by landscape photographer Charlotte Gibb

Why Landscape Photographers Should Expose To The Right

Can the simple change of expose to the right improve your images? Here is what pro landscape photographer Charlotte Gibb has to say about it.
December 4, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Night photography of Northern Lights by Clint Burkinshaw

Night Photography Guide for capturing Northern Lights

From Logistic to Focusing - Everything that a night photographer would wanted to know about photographing Northern Lights by Clint Burkinshaw
December 1, 2019/by Clint Burkinshaw

Black Friday Sale: UP TO 55% OFF

Don't miss out on our biggest nature and landscape photography video tutorial sale of the year - Up to 55% OFF!
November 29, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for Landscape Photography Styles blog post by Varina Patel

A Comparison of Different Landscape Photography Styles

It's always great to have a travel companion in landscape photography. It's even better to compare our photography styles when we are shooting together.
November 27, 2019/by Varina Patel
Cover photo of Arches National Park, Utah for Landscape photography blog article by Jay Patel

7 Essential Beginner Landscape Photography Skills to Master

Jay Patel shares 7 beginner landscape photography skills that will allow you to make the most out of your brand new photography gear.
November 25, 2019/by Jay Patel
Creative nature photography with narrow aperture from Iceland by Jay Patel

How to use Aperture for Creative Nature Photography

Pro photographer Jay Patel share highly effective insights on how to leverage your camera's aperture setting for creative nature photography.
November 22, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for landscape photography composition blog post by Christine Hauber

Photography Composition Rules and When to Break Them

Christine Hauber explains why you should understand the importance of the landscape photography composition rules before you attempt to break them.
November 20, 2019/by Christine Hauber
Feature Image for Milky Way Night Photography blog post by Austin Jackson

Dos & Don’ts of Milky Way Night Photography

Pro photographer Austin James Jackson shares top tips to capture Milky Way night photography and some common mistakes to avoid.
November 18, 2019/by Austin Jackson

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For me the best parts are the InFocus Nature Photography Newsletter and the Video Tutorials. The article on how to take pictures of the stars motivated me to get out there and try it. I bought the video series on Essential Photographic Filters which I found informative. That led me to try out your new video series on the Histogram Exposed Tutorial. InFocus Nature Photography Newsletter has been part of my educational process in my quest to improve my photography.
KarenCalifornia, USA

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