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Moving even closer again. The shot I was here for. 5.46am

Move Your Tripod For A Better Composition

What’s one of the differences between a snapshot and a great photograph? Composition.

If you’re just starting out in Landscape Photography and you have purchased a tripod, don’t forget you can move it once the camera is attached to find that perfect storytelling composition.

Take One: 5:36 AM

First shot of the moring at 5.36am

I will rarely be satisfied with the first location I plant my tripod even though I have walked around the scene looking at different compositions before the camera is fastened to the ball head, especially at sunrise while the mind is still half asleep. Here at 5.36am I carefully placed the tripod for this composition so that the edge of the North Narrabean Ocean Pool touches the bottom left hand corner of the frame. I also wanted the chain fence below the horizon line as I was using neutral density graduated filters to darken the sky to keep the scene within the dynamic range of my camera. My goal was to have the rising sun pop up at the point where the chain fence disappeared at the horizon.

Take Two: 5:43 AM

Moving closer to the final goal. 5.43am

Within minutes I could see that the sun wasn’t going to be at that point and to add to the scene, an early morning swimmer ventured into lane 8. So I decided to move the tripod closer to the action. At 5.43am I took this shot. Once again lining up the edge of the pool with the corner, the crack of the pavement in the other bottom corner and slightly tilting the camera up to include more sky as it was becoming more interesting. I didn’t mind that a few more people had appeared on the horizon but the chain extending to the right side of the frame seemed to be just levitating there with no anchor point. Time to move again and very quickly too as the sun was about to rise.

Take Three: 5:46 AM

Moving even closer again. The shot I was here for. 5.46am

Moving even closer again. The shot I was here for. 5.46am

At 5.46am I captured this. Moving the tripod so to be able to compose the pool edge once again leading to bottom left and now bottom right. The chain now has an anchor point and also stops the eye from leaving the image but still telling the story that the chain continues. The clouds have a nice leading line to the rising sun and the cream on the cake, I captured the swimmer mid turn blurring their body but with frozen fingers on the side of the pool. This is my shot for the day.

Take Four: 5:47AM

The moment has pasted. 5.47am

A minute later at 5.47am the swimmer was off into the distance, sun had now poked through the clouds with a nice orange glow on the pool wall. However I can now see my lens wasn’t clean and the sun glare made the water droplets on my lens more prominent.

 Tripods are meant to slow us down to think about our composition and settings. They can even slow us down while traveling but don’t let them stop you from moving once your camera is setup. You need to know how to make leg adjustments and ballhead adjustments without too much thought and NEVER be afraid to move on a moments notice. As you can see here, I had to move 3 times in 10 minutes to capture the shot. If I hesitated even 1 minute I would have missed it as seen in the last image.

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At the age of 34 my life changed from aimlessly wandering through life without a purpose, to finding the "WHY" to my life in the form of my wife/soulmate/best friend Dianne and her 3 children. My home life is now perfect and I could not imagine a better family to spend the rest of my days with. There was however, another yearning that wasn't fulfilled. My work life. Having no real passions to pursue at an early age, I fell into various work situations from Storeman, Forklift Operator, Service Technician to finally a Truck Driver. After 43yrs my interest for "Geekdom", from my Service Technician days, was reignited once again. I discovered "Podcasts". The ability to learn about any subject at my own leisure was too tempting to resist. So what subjects did I choose to fill this quest for knowledge........Psychology and the latest technology trends. It was the former that I thought I would be pursuing as a career until I stumbled upon the podcast "This Week In Photo" (TWIP). It sounded very geeky with all the cool gadgets and the creative side would make up for past failed interest in drawing.​That's when I purchased my first camera, a Nikon D90. Having never held a DSLR or for that matter a SLR camera I thought I should learn to use it in Manual mode first. When I say manual mode I even mean manual focus too.

Almost a year later I managed to get an invite to Google+ before it went public and it was here my passion for photography escalated rapidly to new heights. I was discovered by the hierarchy at Google Australia and was added to their "Suggested Users List" for photography. The SUL is a list of people Google suggests you follow in various interest categories. What an honour!!!!! I had found my lost "TRIBE", Google+. ​I also found the "HOW" to my life.​ I think the great Sufi poet Rumi says it all,

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."​​​

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