Lightroom: How to Watermark Your Images

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In this video I cover everything you need know about watermarking you images in Lightroom. From creating presets, using your logo, and applying the watermarks to your image at export.

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About Author Johny Spencer

Johny Spencer is a professional landscape and wilderness photographer for the National Park Service in Australia. He's passionate about sharing the photo love with others to help them smash out amazing photography. He hangs out a lot in the Share Inspire Create Lounge an exclusive photography community thats dedicate to helping photographers master their photography.

  • Lisa Peterson

    Great tutorial, thank you. I have .png logos as well, but both black and white .png’s show the background (it is not transparent). Any ideas on how to fix that?

    • Johny Spencer

      Hi Lisa, I glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Sounds like you needed to take the logo into Photoshop and remove the solid background then save it out as a PNG. Hope that helps Ill do a quick screens cast video soon and show you how I do it.